The game of basketball has become the focus of tremendous attention in the sporting world. Every March our nation is captivated by the NCAA Tournament and March Madness. Rarely do we watch TV and not see a NBA star advertising shoes, cars, cell phones, etc.

Our society loves the game of basketball. Unfortunately, a trend is starting to appear at all levels of this great game. Even though players are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before, the overall skill level of basketball players has taken a dramatic dip. The fundamentals of the game are being over looked. Proper footwork, shooting mechanics, triple threat position, and passing angles have taken a backseat to slam dunking, one-on-one play, and poor shooting percentages. The game of basketball has become an athletic contest and skill levels are grossly neglected. Lack of the fundamentals is the primary reason Team Nikos Basketball Academy is in existence.

Our mission is to restore the beauty of basketball by teaching individual skills to players of all ages, gender, and abilities. Our travel teams follow the same mission as it allows kids to use what they learn in academy and put it in use during games. We believe in playing basketball the way it was meant to be played (skilled and intelligent players forming together as one to create a successful team. We believe strongly in teaching the game and helping players develop on and off the court.

The Academy is made up of former college basketball players, Professional basketball players, and coaches who have had very successful careers in the sport of basketball. These gentlemen have been a part of championship caliber teams, having played and coached in the nation’s finest arenas on national television. The experience and knowledge of these instructors is enormous.

At Team Nikos Basketball Academy we have had tremendous success on and off the court. With hard work and dedication from the players, coaches, and trainers the athletes at Team Nikos Basketball Academy Long Beach have been given opportunities to play at the next level. The Club allows the athletes to develop as players, be COACHED on how to become better players, gain exposure through multiple tournaments (in state and out of state), and communicate with college coaches to find opportunities to play at the next level. Not all players go on to play professional basketball, or even college basketball, so we are proud to know that our kids have developed off the court as well. As trainers and coaches it is our responsibility to teach the game of life through the game of basketball. So many things that can make you a successful individual off the court can be learned and practice using the game of basketball.

Meet Coach Larry

Coach Larry aims to be a positive role model and give back to the game that has been so good to him.

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