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Team Nikos Basketball Academy Long Beach – FAQS


Q. Why is the business called Team Nikos?

A. Nikos (NEEKOS) is Greek for the people of VICTORY! Team Nikos for Team VICTORY because basketball is a team game and everyone playing is trying to reach the goal of a victory when the clock stops. You can work as hard as you can individually and get as good as you can but it is about the team and if the team doesn’t work hard, communicate, and listen then no one can get the Victory they desire. Team Nikos Basketball Academy is about getting the training at our academy from our Division 1 experienced coaches and getting better as an individual so you can become a Better Team Player, get the TEAM VICTORY, TEAM NIKOS!

Q. What is an Individual workout, and what will my child learn?

A. An individual workout out is a session where your student athlete will get individual instruction on various things to improve his or her skills in athleticism and basketball skills.

  • One on One skills
  • Fundamentals
  • Ball Handling
  • Defense
  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Footwork
  • Having fun Learning the Game

Q. Where are the workouts held?

A. Coaches will be at your call. We will accommodate to you. We have good relationships with local gyms. Most will be held at Rogers Middle School 365 Monrovia Ave., Long Beach, CA 90803 .

Q. What about group workouts?

A. Group workouts are available upon request.

Q. Cost?

A. The cost for an individual workout it $60 and for a small group is $50 each. Larger groups, team and package deals vary.

Q. How long are the workouts?

A. Workouts will be 1hr to 1hr 15mins.

Q. What are the age groups?

A. Boys and Girls ages 6 and up.